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Bringing Fıratpen quality together with its customers, Vindosa Inc. removes pvc doors and windows systems from the production line with the latest technology with its high standards, flawless and mass production approach.

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PVC Window Systems are used on the surfaces of buildings facing external environments. PVC window systems; It requires different series of uses from project to project with its features of wind load resistance, weather and water resistance. Selenit 75, Elegance 80, Redonit 85, Zenia Slide, Zenia Hebeschiebe and Classic Sliding systems constitute the general of Fıratpen PVC Window systems. With its 6-chamber design, 3-sealed structure and A-class wall thickness options, Selenit 75 pvc window systems are the locomotive series of Fıratpen. In your projects where energy saving is important today, Zenia Slide and Zenia Hebeschiebe sliding systems, which are insulated with EPDM Gasket at all points, are the priority pvc sliding systems that will help you pass your wide openings with 300 kg wing carrying capacity, 240 cm wing width and 280 wing height. Elegance 80, on the other hand, is preferred in many projects with its 3rd seal and A-class wall thickness option in pvc window systems applications that require high wind load resistance.

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